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I have this weird dream of a thing I’d like to see happen someday.

Some day I’d like to see an army of fat women marching down the streets of New York during New York fashion week to protest the fact that the fashion industry refuses to make clothes for them.

These fat women should wear only their underwear, and carry signs saying things like, “The dress I wanted was only available up to size 12” or “The shirt I wanted to wear is not made in my size” or “All the clothes in my size are for senior citizens. I’m only 25.”  And “If they won’t make clothes in my size, they must want me to go naked.”  Thousands of fat women marching semi-naked for their right to exist and wear clothing.

It would be a beautiful sight.  They’d be tormented, harassed and abused by fat-haters.  But if they kept marching anyway, maybe things would start to change.

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    OMG YES! YES YES YES YES YES! A THOUSAND TIMES YES! I would so go up to NYC to join in that protest. I only wish it had...
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