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Supernatural Locations Masterpost

Below the break, I will post all of the basic data that I collected to make my Supernatural maps (this one and this one).  I’m offering this freely, since it’s not like I own any of this information.  It’s all free for the gathering in the episodes.  

Use it to make your own maps or whatever you want.  (Some of the towns listed are fictional.  That’s what makes it even more fun to try to map.)  I left out all the information about whether they were in the Impala or not.  It’s just basic data of where the Winchesters travelled.

If you make any maps or anything from this data, let me know because I would probably like to see (and maybe reblog) such things.

1.01 Stanford, CA

Jericho, CA

Stanford, CA

1.02 Palo Alto, CA

Lost Creek, CO (Blackwater Ridge)

1.03 Lake Manitoc, WI

1.04 Kittanning, PA

Nazareth, PA

1.05 Toledo, OH

Fort Wayne, IN

Toledo, OH

1.06 Near Oklahoma City, OK

St. Louis, MO

1.07 Ankeny, IA

1.08 Oasis Plains, OK (Atoka county)

Sepulpa, OK (60 mi from Oasis Plains)

Oasis Plains, OK (Atoka county)

1.09 Lawrence, KS

1.10 Rockford, IL

1.11 Burkitsville, IN

1.12 Nebraska

1.13 Cape Girardeau, MO

1.14 Saginaw, MI

1.15 Hibbing, MN

1.16 Chicago, IL

1.17 Richardson, TX

1.18 Fitchburg, WI

1.19 New Paltz, NY

1.20 Manning, CO

1.21 Manning, CO

Salvation, IA

1.22 Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

Jefferson City, MO

2.01 Shiloh, PA

Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

2.02 Nebraska (Roadhouse)

Mishicot, WI

Nebraska (Roadhouse)

Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

2.03 Red Lodge, MT

2.04 Lawrence, KS ?

2.05 Nebraska (Roadhouse)

Guthrie, OK

Nebraska (Roadhouse)

2.06 Nebraska (Roadhouse)

Philadelphia, PA

Nebraska (Roadhouse)

2.07 Baltimore, MD

2.08 Prince George County, MD?

2.09 River Grove, OR (near Sidewinder, Crater Lake)

2.10 River Grove, OR

Nebraska (Roadhouse)

Lafayette, IN

Peoria, IL

2.11 Peoria, IL

Cornwall, CT

2.12 Milwaukee, WI

2.13 Providence, RI

2.14 West Texas

Twin Lakes, WI

Duluth, MN

Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

2.15 unknown

2.16 Yosemite West, CA (highway 41)

2.17 San Francisco, CA

2.18 Burbank, CA

2.19 Little Rock, AR

2.20 Joliet, IL

2.21 Nebraska (Roadhouse)

Cold Oak, SD

2.22 Cold Oak, SD

Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

Sunrise,  WY (20 miles outside)

3.01 Lincoln, NE

3.02 Cicero, IN

3.03 Black Rock, NY (near Buffalo)

Queens, NY

Black Rock, NY (near Buffalo)

3.04 Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

Elizabethville, OH

3.05 Maple Springs, NY

3.06 Cape Cod, MA

3.07 unknown

3.08 Ypsilanti, MI

3.09 unknown

3.10 Greensburg, PA

3.11 Broward County, FL

3.12 Monument, CO

3.13 references to Scogan and Gamble

3.14 Milan, OH

3.15 Erie, PA

3.16 Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

New Harmony, IN

4.01 Pontiac, IL

Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

Pontiac, IL

4.02 Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

“one state over”


Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

4.03 Lawrence, KS

4.04 Carthage, MO

4.05 Canonsburg, PA

4.06 Maumee, OH (near)

4.07 unknown

4.08 Concrete, WA

4.09 3-day drive

4.10 Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)


4.11 Stratton, NE

4.12 Sioux City, IA

4.13 Fairfax, IN

4.14 Bedford, IA

4.15 Greybull, WY

4.16 Cheyenne, WY


4.17 Eastern Great Lakes

4.18 Flying Wiccan Press

Chuck Shurley’s house

4.19 Windom, MN

4.20 Pontiac, IL

Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

4.21 Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

4.22 Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

Waiting room (Van Nuys, CA)

Chuck Shurley’s house

ilchester, MD

5.01 Baltimore, MD

Chuck Shurley’s house

Buffalo, NY

unknown (near Chuck Shurley?)

5.02 St. Martin’s Hospital

River Pass, CO

5.03 Garber, OK

Greeley, PA

Waterville, Maine

5.04 Kansas City, MO

5.05 Canton, OH

5.06 Alliance, NE

Elk Creek, NE

Alliance, NE

5.07 unknown

5.08 Wellington, OH

5.09 Pine View Hotel

5.10 Crowley’s house

Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

Carthage, MO

5.11 Ketchum, OK

5.12 Housatonic, MA

5.13 unknown

5.14 St. James Medical Center

Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

5.15 Sioux Falls, SD

5.16 heaven

5.17 Blue Earth, MN

Cicero, IN

5.18 Cicero, IN

Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

Van Nuys, CA

5.19 Muncie, IN

5.20 West Nevada

Crowley’s shack

Niveus pharmaceuticals

Crowley’s shack

5.21 Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

Serenity Valley Convalescent Home

Chicago, IL

Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

5.22 Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

Detriot, MI

Lawrence, KS

Cicero, IN

6.01 Cicero, IN

6.02 Battlecreek, MI

Lansing, MI

Campbell compound

Battlecreek, MI

6.03 Easter, PA


6.04 Kenosha, WI


6.05 Limestone, IL

Battlecreek, MI

6.06 Calumet City, IL

6.07 Calumet City, IL

Campbell compound

6.08 Buffalo, NY

6.09 Elwood, IN

6.10 campbell compound

Crowley’s torture compound

6.11 chinatown (where?)

Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

6.12 Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

Portland, OR

San Francisco, CA

Portland, OR

Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

6.13 Bristol, RI

6.14 Bristol, RI

Patterson, NJ

Battlecreek, MI

Patterson, NJ

Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

6.15 Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

6.16 Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

Sandusky, OH

Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

6.17 Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

Chester, PA

Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

6.18 Campbell compound

Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

6.19 Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

Grant’s Pass, OR

Merrit, OR

Grant’s Pass, OR

6.20 Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)


6.21 Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)


6.22 Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

Stockville, KS (Cas & Crowley’s lab)

7.01 Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

“9 hours from here”

Stockville, KS (Cas & Crowley’s lab)

7.02 Stockville, KS (Cas & Crowley’s lab)

Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

Stockville, KS (Cas & Crowley’s lab)

Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

7.03 Sioux Falls, SD (Bobby’s)

Whitefish, MT

Bozeman, MT

Spokane, WA

7.04 Dearborn, MI

7.05 Prosperity, IN

7.06 Whitefish, MT


Ankeny, IA

7.07 Lily Dale, NY

7.08 Las Vegas, NV

Pike Creek, DE

Loon Lake

Pike Creek, DE

7.09 Hammonton, NJ

Wharton State Forest, Pine Barrens, NJ

7.10 Hammonton, NJ

7.11 Whitefish, MT



Dodge City, KS

7.12 Whitefish, MT

Canton, OH

7.13 Seattle, WA

7.14 Wichita, KS

7.15 Coeur D’Alene, ID

7.16 Portland, OR


7.17 Indiana



7.18 Junction City, KS

7.19 Bodega Bay, CA

7.20 Whitefish, MT

Chicago, IL

7.21 South Chicago


St. Cloud, MN

Whitefish, MT

7.22 Whitefish, MT

Hoople, ND

Missoula, MT

7.23 Whitefish, MT

Seattle, WA

whitefish, MT

Seattle, WA

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